Cherokees Of Orange County



Cherokees of Orange County is established to promote and nurture the historical values, heritage, and roots of the Cherokee People, for those living outside the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation.  We will strive to learn and retain the Cherokee language, culture, and history.  We will disseminate accurate information about present issues and act as a contact point for the At-Large Council representativies and their constituents. All are welcome!

We have a great time at our bi-monthly meetiings, where we forge friendships, share stories, enjoy meals, and learn about traditional Cherokee culture.  This year we have learned how to make Corn Husk Dolls and how to weave Doublewall Baskets and will be learning the art of Gourd Rattles in September! 

We offer a program designed to provide assistance to Cherokee individuals, families, and groups in need, that are located in Southern California, called "Taking Care of Our Own" All funds raised through meeting and special event fundraisers, along with member and corporate donations, will be available to assist those in need in various areas, such as medical, educational, and special needs assistance.   

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